Nurturing Bright Minds.

47 million young men and women dropped out of school by the 10th standard, according to
the 2016 report by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and Global
Education Monitoring, a United Nations Institute based in Montreal, Canada.
The enrolment in class 10 is 77%, but enrolment in class 11 is only 52%, according
to a report from the New Delhi-based Institute for
Policy Research Studies (PRS).


Vidyadhan Program precisely addresses this very problem by providing
an incentive for parents to continue the education of their
meritorious children beyond class 10 by providing scholarship from class 11
till they complete a degree course of their choice.

In 2015, SDF also piloted a unique direct-sponsorship model via Vidyadhan,
giving individuals an option to sponsor the education of a deserving child.
If you are interested in providing wings to the dreams of a meritorious
underprivileged students by sponsoring his/her studies,

Visit Vidyadhan website


Honouring the Brave.Securing the future.

It is estimated that annually, approximately 225 members of the para-military forces lay down their lives in the line of duty across India. Also a Majority of these members are young and make this supreme sacrifice to the nation at the prime of their life, leaving their families in deep sorrow and misery. The Vidyarakshak scholarship aims to honour the brave souls who lost their lives trying to protect the nation, and secure their children’s future.

Vidyarakshak is the honour-based scholarship program of the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation, intended for the children of martyrs from the Central Armed Police Forces vide BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB & Assam Rifles from across India. Initiated in 2016, Vidyarakshak is the first program of its kind in India and is provided in partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs. In the first leg of the programme, 300 children of martyred paramilitary personnel received scholarships for their school education. The Vidyarakshak Scholarship is designed to support education till Standard 12. Depending on the class of study, the children receive a scholarship amount
ranging from 6000 to 12000. Vidyarakshak is a long term commitment for the Sarojini Damodaran Foundation.

For higher education, eligible Vidyarakshak
students based on means and merit will be considered for
Vidyadhan scholarship.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)

The Sarojini Damodaran Fellowship awarded by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) started in 2000 and continued till 2010 and has been re-initiated in 2017. Eminent scientists are invited to TIFR and partner institutions to deliver lectures and engage in research partnerships with Indian Institutions. Some of the Sarojini Damodaran International Fellows of TIFR include Professors Stephen Hawking (Cambridge University, Breakthrough Prize Winner), David Gross (UCSB, Nobel Prize Winner), Mildred Dresselhaus (MIT, Kavli Prize Winner), Victor Kac (MIT, Steele Prize Awardee) among others. Professor Stephen Hawking was an invited speaker at an international conference on String Theory called 'Strings 2001' and it was a privilege for the SD Foundation to have hosted him . In liaison with TIFR, SD Foundation also sponsors Indian students to travel overseas for research collaborations.


Vidyakreeda is a first-of-its scholarship program to sponsor the higher education of our sporting talent. It is implemented in partnership with the Government of Karnataka and the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports (DYES).